Docobo Launches Community Management Solution to Support the QIPP Agenda

Docobo Ltd, UK has signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Western Australia based Home Care organisation Silver Chain. The agreement enables Docobo to market Silver Chain’s enterprise wide Community Care Client Management System, known as ComCare. ComCare offers a unique staff and patient management solution that both enables community wide case co-ordination and use of Smart phones to support and manage community based staff.
ComCare is a large scale enterprise wide solution that was developed to manage all aspects of Silver Chain’s call centre, contracts, vehicle fleet etc and provides a very comprehensive mobile system to support their large staff of home carers across Western Australia, a geographic region many times larger than the UK.

The Smartphone enables their nurses to be able to access information about clients such as their details, referrals, diagnosis, alerts, contacts and services they are receiving with just a touch of a button no matter where they are. Smartphones also enable the nurses to record in real time the client’s assessment details and information about wound care. Silver Chain delivers over 1.3 million hours of care supporting over 40,000 people each year.

This agreement comes after Silver Chain contracted with Docobo to implement Docobo’s doc@HOME Telehealth solution for long term chronically sick patients. Since that time Docobo and Silver Chain have worked closely together to achieve a successful implementation in the Silver Chain organisation. 

About Docobo

Docobo is a leading provider of Telehealth products and services (Docobo HealthHUB and Doc@HOME) to over 40 NHS PCT, Community and other organisations. The company has an exclusive agreement with Silver Chain for ComCare and a reciprocal arrangement whereby Silver Chain is both a major client of Docobo Telehealth products and a distributor for the Australian market

About Silver Chain

The Silver Chain Group was founded in 1905 and is the largest provider of community based care in Western Australia. During the 2010/11 financial year, Silver Chain assisted more than 62,300 people and delivered in excess of 1.6 million hours of care and over 2.3 million occasions of service (June 2011).

The Silver Chain Group’s consolidated equity for the 2011 financial year was $193m AUD.  The Group employs 3,380 FTE’s and almost 400 volunteers

"With the pressure on public sector expenditure the NHS and Local Authorities are increasingly focused on using resources more efficiently and effectively. By combining the solutions from Docobo and Silver Chain we are positioned to offer our clients a truly unrivalled comprehensive and integrated system that will deliver the means to improve patient care, better scheduling of home visiting staff, reduce mileage and carbon footprints, and support call centre management." Adrian Flowerday, Managing Director, Docobo Ltd
About Docobo Ltd

Docobo Ltd is a UK medical device company that supplies eHealth solutions to enable Community Care and improve the quality of life of patients, carers and clinicians.  More than 40 PCTs and Trusts in the UK and several international healthcare organisations are currently using doc@HOME Telehealth to support their patients.